4 ways to spruce up your home this Spring

Dare I say it... but it feels like Spring is officially here. Lockdown restrictions are lifting, we haven't had a snow shower in a few weeks and the blue bells are in bloom. I think most of us will be in agreement that this last lockdown has been hard and we are all desperate for a change of scenery. I want my home to feel like home again. I want to come in from a day out and feel like it is the sanctuary it once was. Here are 4 ways to spruce up your home this Spring.

1. Fresh scents

The best part of coming home after a long day is walking in and being hit with the comforting smell of your home. As spring arrives why not add a fresh new scent to your home. Our very own, Watford based Maker, Mae.d, makes scented candles that come in jars, contemporary moulded shapes or pillars. She also sells wax melts if that is more your style. They come in a range of fragrances from clean cotton to lavender to cinnamon sticks to sage and sea salt. Check them out here.

2. Flowers, Plants and Pots

Nothing says spring like a fresh bouquet of flowers. We are currently loving local florist Sam Haslinger and the pop ups they are doing at Latte Art in Bushey. You can get a jam jar bouquet or a hand tied bouquet to suit any budget with the small jam jars starting from just £5.

If fresh flowers aren't your thing there are always succulents and house plants to add a bit of greenery into your home. You can then get yourself a pot for your new plant from our very own makers, This Girl Makes Studio, or Keep Them Green. They both use jesmonite to maker their terrazzo pots. Jesmonite is a friendly alternative to resin, concrete or plaster.

3. Prints and Art

After not leaving the house for what feels like 800 years I'm sure we are all bored of looking at the same old walls all the time. One great way to change the look of a room is by adding a print or piece of art to the walls. You could choose to have one big statement piece or lots of different pieces to make a collage. We have a great range of hand drawn calligraphy prints from Watford based maker, For Joy, or you could even having your home drawn by our very own, Pen My Place.

4. Colour and Pattern

Another great way to spruce up your home is to add a bit of colour. This could be done through painting a statement wall or adding a patterned wall paper to one of your walls. Colour can also be added through accessories - coloured candles, coasters and trinket dishes or trays are a great way to do this. And if you are after a flouro pop of colour, Mae.d's HOME print could be just the one for you.